Company Overview

Dealmed is a leader in medical supplies distribution. We provide medical supplies, medical equipment, drugs, vaccines, and specialty medical products and services. Our mission is simple: We make it our business to understand how the products we sell impact patients’ lives everyday.

Dealmed’s customers are served across the USA and around the world by our sales team, catalog, and website.

Who We Are

Dealmed was established as an independent alternate medical/surgical supply distributor committed to filling the gap as an honest supplier with true pricing transparency.

Our goal has always been to provide fast shipping, a large selection of items, and, what we call the “True Pricing Policy”.

We are committed to help our customers reduce their medical supply costs and improve inventory management by offering affordably priced products with unique and innovative medical supply management services. Our Sales Consultants and Customer Service Reps focus on developing personalized relationships with all of our customers so they can understand the specific needs of each individual customer. It is this unique relationship, combined with our technological expertise that distinguishes Dealmed from other medical supply distributors.

Programs We Offer:

We offer multiple programs and services, all designed to save customers money and improve efficiency and consistency with the medical product supply chain. Some of the services we offer include:

Gpo Contracts:

Dealmed offers contracts through most major GPO’s (Group Purchase Organizations)

Custom Kits:

Custom kits, custom packs, medical packs, etc.

Contracted Pricing:

Annual contracts based on commitment, specialty contracts, LVC’s (Local Vendor Contracts)

Inventory Management:

Order management software solutions, inventory consolidation.

Markets We Serve:

Primary Care:

Physician Offices, Medical Groups, Health Centers, Clinics, and FQHC

Alternate Site:

Surgery Centers, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Specialty Centers, Outpatient Mental Health, Labs


Dialysis Centers, Home-Hemodialysis Programs


Ambulance services, EMS/911 Agencies, Law Enforcement, Disaster Preparedness


Municipalities, States, Regions, and Federal Government.