Fetal Monitors and Accessories

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Baby Dopplex Antepartum Fetal Monitor w/Connectivity, Single
Item #: 400082
Brand: ARJO Huntleigh
MPN: BD4000AXS-2
Thermal Paper f/BD4000-series Fetal Monitor, Twin Width
Item #: 155660
Brand: ARJO Huntleigh
Fetal Monitor Recording Paper 90 x 150 mm, 3/Pack
Item #: 257511
Brand: Cooper Surgical
MPN: M25R-75111
AcuDop II 770, Display Unit, 3MHz OB Probe
Item #: 770130
Brand: Bovie Medical
Fetal Monitoring Chart Paper, Z-Fold, 152 mm x 47', 40/Case
Item #: 430510
Brand: Precision Charts
Abdominal Belt, 2" x 48", White Mesh, Loop Style, Reus, 10/B
Item #: 442500
Brand: CareFusion
MPN: 4425AAO
Vista AVS System
Item #: 500055
Brand: Wallach Surgical
Fetal Chart Paper, 30-240 bpm, Corometrics 14XSeries, 40/CS
Item #: 200982
Brand: GE Medical
MPN: 2009828-CAO
ABI 4 Cuff Package, 10 or 12cm and Aneroid (vascular uses)
Item #: 170435
Brand: Wallach Surgical
MPN: K170
8MHz Bi-Directional Vascular Probe, Ea.
Item #: 111888
Brand: Wallach Surgical
Digital Doppler, Non-Display, 8MHz Vascular Probe, Ea.
Item #: 300800
Brand: Newman Medical
MPN: DD-300-D8
Handheld Obstetric Display Doppler, Rechargeable, 3MHz, Ea.
Item #: 701300
Brand: Newman Medical
MPN: DD-701-D3W
Segmental & Stress ABI / TBI Study Doppler w/ Cuffs
Item #: 600111
Brand: Newman Medical
Vista Advanced AVS® Doppler Syetem
Item #: 945001
Brand: Wallach Surgical
Fetal Monitor Security Straps, Buttonhole, 25 Pairs/Cs
Item #: 372211
Brand: Halyard Health
MPN: 37221
Fetal Monitoring Strap Sets, 48", 50/Cs
Item #: 815430
Brand: Medline
MPN: NON081543
Fetal Monitor Recording Paper, 120mm x 50', 40/Cs
Item #: 108012
Brand: PCI Charts
MPN: 781-080-12
Non-Display Doppler 3 MHz obstetrical probe
Item #: 300256
Brand: Newman Medical
MPN: DD-300-D3
GE Model 171 External Fetal Monitor
Item #: 171106
Brand: GE Medical
MPN: 0171WAT-B
LifeDop L250AR Hand Held Doppler With Display
Item #: 360174
Brand: Summit Medical
LifeDop L250 Hand Doppler With Display
Item #: 360172
Brand: Summit Medical
MPN: L250
Manual System for ABI Testing, 8MHz Doppler
Item #: 415609
Brand: Newman Medical
MPN: ABI-300
BF5A Blood Flow Doppler Ultrasound Stethoscope® System
Item #: 137010
Brand: MedaSonics
MPN: 1010137010
Printer Paper 3 Pack
Item #: 429580
Brand: QBC Diagnostics
MPN: 429580