IV Adapters and Spikes

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Adapter IV 0.1 mL PV Male LL, 100/Cs
Item #: 895001
Brand: Smiths Medical
MPN: SM5000
Vacutainer Multiple Sample Luer Adapter, 100/Pack
Item #: 367290
Brand: BD
MPN: 367290
Anesthesia Set with Male Luer Lock Adapter, 60/Cs
Item #: 292180
Brand: Baxter
MPN: 2C9218
Tego Connector, 100/Cs
Item #: 681600
Brand: ICU Medical
MPN: D1000
Q-SYTE Luer Access Split Septum, 50/Box
Item #: 385100
Brand: BD
MPN: 385100
Adapter Injection Site with Male LL, Ea
Item #: 263399
Brand: Baxter
MPN: 2N3399
Luer Adaper Multi Sample 100/Bx
Item #: 265370
Brand: Exel International
MPN: 26537