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Just Ask!

We understand your practice. Our sales force is well trained to answer any questions you may have, and ensure you receive the best of everything. Just ask.


Just in time!

We utilize powerful technology at our multiple locations so you can get the items you need…exactly when you need them. Our warehouses are amply stocked and our operators embody efficiency. Cool real time inventory management and advanced CRM systems enable us to ship your order almost immediately! As your direct link to manufacturers, we offer variants on many products as well as exceptional point and click service.


Just another company?

See for yourself why over 7,000 physicians and clinics and over 500 EMS agencies prefer Dealmed. They, as well as our additional clientele of schools and colleges, municipalities and federal, correctional facilities, summer camps, medical schools and medical training programs, have come to appreciate everything we offer.

They count on our breadth of experience, our reliability and the standards we set for ourselves when the company was still very small. To us, the client is everything. And in these trying times, it’s comforting to know that our company, with its solid reputation is standing behind you…every step of the way.


Just Original!

Home of the 30-Day return policy!

We revolutionized the industry with our innovative return/exchange service. Its hassle free, dependable and tailor made for you. Your satisfaction means the world to us- and we give you the time you need to guarantee you are thrilled with our products and services.


Just for You!

Create your personalized account and enjoy the new features on our updated website. It’s easy to use, and fun to explore. But most of all, when you’re done browsing, you can be sure your order is in good hands. White gloves, anyone?